About Us

We believe creativity is the key to changing the world. We believe that everyone has unique skills and qualities that they can creatively leverage and tap into to make this world a better place. Refined Creatives was set up to bring together those individuals that recognise and believe in their creativity. More importantly this company was started to collectively harness individual & group creativity in a way that can positively change the world. We work on a variety of creative projects in diverse industries.


Simon Tefula


Simon believes in creativity and its ability to positively change our world. He has extensive experience working in the Creative & startup business sectors. He has worked on various creative projects specialising in Brand Consulting doing everything from User Interface & Experience Design to public relations. Simon has  also established himself in the area of supporting business ideation and start-ups.  He has a track record of supporting and delivering motivational & entrepreneurial skills training and talks to higher education university students and to the general public. He’s a Law Graduate from The University of Manchester and holds an MSc in HR Management & Business Studies from Aston University.  In doing all this, Simon and the entire team at Refined Creatives subscribe to the school of thought that simplicity is always the highest form of sophistication. Check out more of Simon’s activities via his Personal Blog http://simontefula.com/

Email: Simon@RefinedCreatives.com